Janice Morphy

Source: Janice Morphy  Able Stiller and Janice Morphy Farm, Family & Faith Young Adulthood Janice Morphy grew up on a dairy farm outside of London with her parents, three younger sisters and her grandmother. In high school, Janice thought she wanted to be a nurse but quickly changed her mind after losing her grandmother. After... Continue Reading →

Madi Brown

Source: Madi Brown  Madi and her son, Levi New marriage, new mother, new city! Madi was in two post-secondary programs over the past four years: Early Childhood Leadership at Fanshawe College Stratford Chef’s School She did not complete either program; however, the experiences Madi gained helped prepare her for motherhood. Madi got married in June of... Continue Reading →

Adam Cousins

Source: Adam Cousins  Headshot Local musician inspires others to follow their passion Adam grew up in a small town, Brussels, ON. He knew in high school he wanted to live to work, so he went and found his passion in order to do so... music. What do you do? Adam is an electrician by day... Continue Reading →

Sarah Brunke

Source: Sean Acklin Grant  Sarah Brunke & Joey  London local advocates for people with disabilities This is Sarah & Joey’s story After graduating from high school, Sarah went to Guelph University for biomedical sciences. During her first year, in April of 2012, Sarah suffered her first concussion. She was on a night out with her friends... Continue Reading →

Derek Lamoureux

Source: Derek Lamoureux  Headshot Young, small town, entrepreneur following his passion Derek Lamoureux knew at a young age he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He says it all started when he was nine years old making money cutting the grass. Derek remembers being 16 when he realized when his boss told him to do... Continue Reading →

Sgt. Warren Hayden

“Mighty but justified”, the motto of Sgt. Warren Hayden. Warren was born in Kitchener ON, in 1968. After moving to Walkerville, ON to attend secondary school, and finishing his diploma at Seneca College in Toronto, Warren decided to follow his father’s footsteps and join the Canadian military. What Warren thought would be a short tour... Continue Reading →

Carolee Coulter

Source of photo: Carolee Coulter  Carolee and her family Carolee shows the importance of giving back to the London community Born and raised in Guelph, ON, Carolee Coulter knew she wanted to be a pharmacist at a very young age: In grade eight Carolee got a part-time job at a pharmacy where she found inspiration... Continue Reading →

Blair Ruby

Source of photo: Blair Ruby Photography Blair, Jacob and Zoee Ruby posing in a field.   Working & raising a family in two provinces Born and raised in Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA, Blair Ruby is now a local Londoner moving every six months between Ontario and Alberta. This is Blair’s story: She played field hockey since... Continue Reading →

Carolyn Martyn

Source of photo: Carolyn Martyn Headshot Bringing shine and motivation to the hearts of young women Life in Canada and England Carolyn was born in locally in London, ON. At nine years old she moved to England with her parents to pursue a new adventure. Carolyn stayed in the country until she was 19 when... Continue Reading →

Who are the People of London?

Source: Pexels People walking on a busy street  Who are the People of London you may ask? It is your neighbour, your cousin or the person you see walking through Victoria Park. The person that sits beside you on the LTC on your way to work. They are simple, every day, people. I want to inspire... Continue Reading →

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